What we do at Sidedoor

October 29, 2020

Sidedoor is an independent RICS Surveyor quote comparison and booking website connecting surveyors to homebuyers who require a property survey. What’s more we are a part of the RICS tech affiliate programme and the UK Proptech association.

Sidedoor has developed an extensive network of affiliate referral partners, ranging from Proptech companies, online estate agents and conveyancing firms to help assist with the process of a property transaction. Our national network of surveying partners are on hand to help homebuyers with all their surveying needs.


After extensive research and development Sidedoor has created a unique but simple approach to helping homebuyers find a surveyor online. Some key features and benefits include:


  • Instant Quoting System – While researching and developing Sidedoor, we realised that one of the main priorities for homebuyers is speed. One way in which Sidedoor is able to achieve this is through our integrated instant quote system: When the homebuyer has completed filling out the quote form, the next immediate page has a price prediction break down – from up to four surveyors – for each individual survey they offer.


  • Another piece of technology which allows Sidedoor to improve the overall speed of finding a surveyor online, is our 30-minute callback system. Each Surveyor is notified the same second that the homebuyer requests a callback with an email including the data the homebuyer has provided. Sidedoor urges the surveyors to get in touch within 30 minutes of receiving this email.


It is important to note that during the communication process, homebuyers can give additional information that they may have not been able to explain via the quote form. All of this is done so that once the day of the survey comes round, the surveyor has all the information they need to complete the survey as efficiently as possible and get it back to you ASAP. Once  the survey has been sent to the homebuyer, Sidedoor will follow up and make sure all parties are happy with the outcome.


  • Variety of surveys on offer – Sidedoor currently offers the two main RICS home surveys as well as Homescore (where available). The RICS surveys are: RICS homebuyer report and RICS building survey. Both do different things and choosing the right one for each homebuyer will depend on a mix of factors such as the property itself and personal preference. Please find a detailed explanation of the differences in these surveys, to get a better overall understanding of which to choose, on Sidedoor. It is also fine if you are unsure of which survey to get as once you are in communication with your surveyor, they will suggest the best option as well.


  • Leading Surveyors within the industry – Sidedoor goes through a rigorous vetting process in order to find the most appropriate surveyors to work with. We have a full spectrum of surveyors including those who have nationwide coverage, all the way to the smaller teams in local areas. We have selected to only work with market leading and award winning Surveyors. This gives homebuyers a full scope of surveying specialities depending on their specific requirements. Sidedoor’s instant quote system automatically filters surveyors based on the specifications each homebuyer has filled out, creating a bespoke range of surveyor options to choose from giving the homebuyers the most amount of choice possible.