Meet Sidedoor

Sidedoor is a surveying marketplace connecting surveyors to homebuyers who require a house survey and is on the RICS tech affiliate programme.

Surveyors gain more control of their business growth with the ability to expand and target new postcodes for free, book jobs in real time, reviews and profiles that help gain more work, reducing admin with automatic invoicing and marketing their business on Sidedoor for free. The marketplace will help you gain work both locally or nationally without being reliant on a local referral network.

Homebuyers compare and choose surveyors based on three key areas: company profile, reviews and finally price of the survey.

Sidedoor is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we’re committed to connecting quality surveyors with quality customers.

Why not try your next job from Sidedoor and become a partner?

Why use Sidedoor?

Quality leads

Targeted homebuyers relevant to your business. Detailed survey enquiries for time efficiency. Simple quoting process with no cost per lead.

Increased customer reach

Expand postcode coverage and access new markets for free. Our database of referrals are all primed to deliver business to your door 24 hours a day.

Company profile

We’ll display your firm’s credentials to the customer, meaning you can craft an in-depth profile of your firm for marketing purposes.

Simple pricing

We don’t believe in charging for leads that don’t go anywhere and take up time and resources. We charge 10% only for the work that you actually get.

Easy to use

A quick and simple two-click quoting process for each survey, automatic invoicing and secure payment by Sidedoor.


Customer reviews that positively help you get more business and stand out.

How it works

Showcase your business

Set up your company account with profile, logo, postcode coverage etc. Profile is a key area to represent your business to the customer and set yourself apart.

Quote for jobs

Receive detailed survey requests in your area and use the simple two-click quoting process or set the automated quoting process.

Put it in the diary

Once selected by the customer and contact details are exchanged, agree a date that suits you both.

Receive payment

Once the survey has been uploaded and sent to the customer, payment will be made from Sidedoor.

Get feedback

Receive customer reviews to help you gain your next job on Sidedoor, meaning quality work is recognised.

Hear Our Partners

  • Charles has worked in property development and finance for much of his career.

    Charles Thackray, Founder & CEO

  • Sailor has worked with a number of startups in a product development capacity.

    Maulik Sailor, Chief Technology Officer

  • McCallion is a startup expert who left his role in financial services at the turn of the century to satisfy his fascination with technology.

    Mal McCallion, Advisor

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    Mike John

How we get our customers:

Finding clients can be a challenge and take time. Sidedoor is an easily accessible,
competitive, independent marketplace for the customer to find a local RICS surveyor.

We will help grow your business by:

Google ads
Pay per click targeted local ads push traffic to Sidedoor.

Local SEO
Strategies that help Sidedoor come up when customers search for surveyors.

Social media
Advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

National referral network
Relationships with estate agencies and conveyancing firms who refer clients.

Have a Question?

Please check FAQ’s. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly and we will respond as soon as possible.