Sidedoor’s new affiliate programme


Sidedoor is an independent Surveyor quote comparison website, connecting homebuyers with RICS surveyors who require a property survey. In recent months Sidedoor has developed and redesigned the website whilst maintaining the primary aim of providing the homebuyers with a simple route to finding a surveyor. We prioritise best in class surveyors, speed of execution and availability.

Being a part of both the RICS tech affiliate programme and the Proptech association, has enabled Sidedoor to access knowledge from both sources and form what we believe will be the most efficient and simple way of finding a surveyor in the market.

One of the main ways in which Sidedoor attracts homebuyers to the website is through our business affiliates programme. These partnerships range from Proptech companies, online estate agents, conveyancing firms or any other company which is involved in the steps towards purchasing a property.

How do business affiliates benefit?

  • Strengthens relationship and trust with a buyer as you are providing a more complete service.
  • By partnering with Sidedoor, you will receive a percentage of each survey.
  • Technology (API solution) making it easier to recommend and track your referrals.
  • Easy access dashboard where partners will be able to view previous referrals, export data and see which have been successful or not.
  • Reduced cancellation risk: In the event of a cancellation from a surveyor, Sidedoor will be able to provide the homebuyer with another surveyor due to our nationwide partner access.
  • Partnership with Sidedoor allows you to access three best in class surveyor quotes nationally for each customer, breaking your reliance on the availability of just one surveying company.
  • Sidedoor’s relationships with national and local surveyors combined with our technology greatly increases the ultimate conversion of each referral.

How we benefit the consumer?

  • Choice: Homebuyers are given the option to receive communication from up to four surveyors each quoting at different prices. This gives the homebuyer a wider choice as they have more to compare against. As well as price, homebuyers choose from speed, availability, reviews and the company profile.
  • Trusted Surveyors: We only partner with RICS qualified chartered surveyors who are insured, regulated and verified. We have formed agreements with some of the biggest and most well-respected surveyors from around the UK, offering best in class service.
  • Local knowledge: Surveyors quote based on the property location meaning homebuyers can compare local surveying companies.
  • Speed: The algorithm that Sidedoor uses means that homebuyers are able to get instant quotes. The next steps involve callbacks requested by the homebuyers at a time convenient to them. A maximum of four surveyor quotes are given at one time. This minimises the amount of back and forth communication as it is dealt with directly.

We are always looking to expand our network of partners.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to know more.