How Sidedoor is helping homebuyers

September 24, 2019


Sidedoor is made as much for the homebuyers as it is for the surveyors. The fundamental aim is to connect both parties while supplying the best possible service for each. So what do we do differently?

  • The website is full of useful information including the types of surveys and the differences between them. Helping the homebuyer in their decision to choose which survey.
  • Helping homebuyers understand WHY getting a survey is so important.
  • Reviews are left by previous homebuyers who have used the platform. They will rate the experience out of five stars, offering a simple visual cue to compare the surveyors.
  • Surveyor profiles will give you a bit more insight into the surveying company and may contain things like awards, experience, qualifications etc.
  • The price quoted by the surveyor is based on the property details supplied. This will fluctuate as surveyors may have more experience, knowledge and accreditations which are all factored into the final quoted price.
  • Using all major social media platforms to get the word out about Sidedoor and the benefits of getting a house survey through our marketplace.