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15th December 2020

Difference between valuation and survey

  As we have specified many times in the past, a valuation is NOT a survey. It is important to understand the differences between each as […]
10th December 2020

Tips For First Time Buyers

  As a first-time buyer, it’s difficult to know exactly where to start when buying a property. Below are some general tips to help yourself prepare […]
9th December 2020

What to ask your Surveyor

  Some of the things you would usually ask your surveyor on a call can be done via Sidedoor saving both parties time. Things like comparing […]
3rd December 2020

Which survey should I get?

  The survey that is right for you depends on many different factors. This usually is based on the below:   The age of the property […]
2nd December 2020

What is a home survey?

  A house, home or property survey involves an inspection of a property which is undertaken by a qualified surveyor, who then converts the information gathered […]
1st December 2020

How much does a survey cost?

  The price of a home survey varies significantly based on a variety of factors including the type of survey, the size of the property, the […]
30th November 2020

What is RICS?

  The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a professional body promoting and enforcing the highest international standards in the valuation, management and development of […]
30th November 2020

What are the types of valuations?

  Red book Valuation A red book valuation is one which involved a RICS surveyors creating a valuation report that adheres to the strict criteria that […]
29th October 2020

What we do at Sidedoor

  Sidedoor is an independent RICS Surveyor quote comparison and booking website connecting surveyors to homebuyers who require a property survey. What’s more, we are a […]
23rd June 2020

Sidedoor’s new affiliate programme

  Sidedoor is an independent Surveyor quote comparison website, connecting homebuyers with RICS surveyors who require a property survey. In recent months Sidedoor has developed and […]
24th September 2019

When to book a house survey

  Buying a house can be an extremely stressful process and neither the buyer nor the seller wants any delays. A question that gets asked regularly […]
24th September 2019

Is a valuation a survey?

  A valuation is not a survey – this is a common misconception amongst first time buyers and even repeat homebuyers. A valuation at its core, […]
24th September 2019

Terminology of your home survey

  The provided image is a diagram of a house, but, it uses terminology that you would expect to see in a home survey. Use this […]
24th September 2019

How Sidedoor is helping homebuyers

  Sidedoor is made as much for the homebuyers as it is for the surveyors. The fundamental aim is to connect both parties while supplying the […]
24th September 2019

Different RICS qualifications

  What RICS qualifications mean for the homebuyer: When choosing a surveyor on Sidedoor you will come across their RICS qualifications. This blog will explain what […]
24th September 2019

What to do with a negative home survey

  At this stage, you have probably received your survey but you might have discovered that there are a few more issues than you had previously […]
24th September 2019

How long does a survey take?

  The below can be a helpful indication of the timeframe it might take from choosing a surveyor to receiving your home survey: The Homescore survey […]
24th September 2019

Should I get a Survey?

  When buying a home, for most of us it will probably the biggest purchase in our lives, yet still only about 1 in 5 commission […]
24th September 2019

RICS-regulated Surveyor complaint

  Many complaints can be resolved directly by the firm or professional you are complaining about. In the very unlikely event that the surveyor’s job is […]
24th September 2019

Potential issues found by a Surveyor

The following information highlights some potential issues found in house surveys and the possible implications for homebuyers. Also outlined, are the next steps your surveyor will […]
24th September 2019

How to choose the right surveyor with Sidedoor

Sidedoor’s aim is to help the homebuyer find the right surveyor at the best price as quickly and efficiently as possible. Homebuyers fill out a quote […]
21st March 2018

Why choose RICS?

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) members are the professionals of the property world. They are trained to give you clear, impartial and expert advice in […]
21st March 2018

Why use a RICS Surveyor

Confidence Regulated firms follow RICS Rules of Conduct giving you peace of mind. Professionalism You can be sure of clear and impartial expert advice. Security In […]
21st March 2018

Types of House Surveys

 RICS Home Survey Level 1 | £ This provides a snapshot of the current condition of the property, identifying any risks and potential legal issues as well as […]