1What is a home survey?
Home surveys reveal the true physical condition of the property you’re looking to buy, as well as the potential future costs of keeping it in shape.
2Isn’t the valuation a survey?
No, a mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the lender to decide whether the property is safe to lend on. A survey on the other hand, is conducted independently for the consumer’s benefit.
3How do I know what survey I need?
We will guide you through the process of finding the right survey. It depends on the quality and age of the property, as well as whether you plan to make changes to the property.
4What is RICS?
RICS stands for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is the professional body for the property industry. To be qualified they need a high level of experience and education and it’s therefore essential for your surveyor to be RICS qualified.
5How do payments work?
We will take payment before you book a date with your chosen surveyor. This is held via our secure platform until the job is completed and you receive your survey, after which the surveyor gets paid.
6What happens if the surveyor doesn’t turn up?
In the unlikely event of that happening, we will issue you with a full refund.
7What’s in this for surveyors?
It can be as hard for surveyors to find good customers as the other way round. We provide them with your hard-earned business and a way to market themselves on our platform.
8How much is it to use the platform?
The platform is free of charge for consumer and is funded by the RICS regulated firms using Sidedoor.
9How will I be notified when a firm quotes for business?
You will be alerted by email, after which you can view of the finder details on the Sidedoor website.
10Why should I trust Sidedoor?
Sidedoor is on the RICS Tech Affiliate Program, meaning RICS has backed us to improve the journey of connecting consumers and surveyors. We are committed to making things easier and more transparent for consumers and surveyors alike.
11As a surveyor, what KYC documents do I need to upload?
Depending on your user type, you will be required to upload up to 4 KYC documents. ( Business 4 KYC documents, Soletrader 2 KYC documents).
Please refer to the table below to see which specific documents you will need to upload:

User type Category Required document
LEGAL BUSINESS IDENTITY PROOF Passport or driving license of the legal representative
Confirmation Statement
ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION Certificate of Incorporation
SHAREHOLDER DECLARATION Companies house documents if available or Shareholder declaration
User type Category Required document
LEGAL SOLETRADER IDENTITY PROOF Passport or driving license of the legal representative
REGISTRATION PROOF Certificate of incorporation
Proof of registration to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)