1What is Sidedoor?

Sidedoor is a surveyor marketplace connecting quality local surveyors with
homebuyers across the UK. The homebuyer gets free, quick and easy access
to RICS qualified surveyors, reviews, local knowledge and competitive quotes
across the country.
2What is a home survey?

Home surveys reveal the true physical condition of the property you’re looking
to buy, as well as the potential future costs of keeping it in shape.

3What does a surveyor do?

The role of a residential chartered surveyor to assess the condition of a
residential property and provide an impartial report to the client. This report
will detail any defects or causes for concern, either now or further down the
line. For example, current condition of the roof and when it might need
replacing etc.

4Isn’t the valuation a survey?

No, a mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the lender to decide whether the
property is safe to lend on. A survey, on the other hand, is conducted
independently for the consumer’s benefit.

5How much is it to use the platform?

The platform is free of charge for consumer and is funded by the RICS
regulated firms using Sidedoor.

6How do I know what survey I need?

We will guide you through the process of finding the right survey. It depends
on the quality and age of the property, as well as whether you plan to make
changes to the property.

7What is RICS?

RICS stands for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is the
professional body for the property industry. To be qualified they need a high
level of experience and education and it’s therefore essential for your
surveyor to be RICS qualified.

8Why should I trust Sidedoor?

Sidedoor is on the RICS Tech Affiliate Program, meaning RICS has backed
us to improve the journey of connecting consumers and surveyors. We are
committed to making things easier and more transparent for consumers and
surveyors alike.

9How do payments work?

When you select your chosen surveyor, you will be requested to pay in full,
the agreed amount. This is held in Escrow with our secure payment
processing partner (Mangopay). When the surveyor uploads the completed
survey and it is accepted, the funds are released to the surveyor.

10How will I be notified when a firm quotes for business?

You will be alerted by email, after which, you can view the quote details on
the Sidedoor website.

11How do I choose between the quotes?

Surveyor practice profile, reviews, and price. These three areas should
influence you on who to select.

12What happens when I have accepted a quote?

You will be given the full details of the surveyor practice including contact
details. Please contact the surveyor to arrange the time and date of the
survey. You may need to give the surveyor the estate agents contact details
to arrange this.

13What details do I need for a quote?

You will need to supply the address, the number of bedrooms, approximate
age, property type, size of property, valuation, timeframe, listed status and
any links or documents you have available. If the details are misrepresented
to the surveyor you may incur additional costs. Finally, you can note specific
areas of concern.

14What if there aren’t any surveyors in my area?

So far, Sidedoor has launched in Surrey, Kent and London however, we will
be expanding across the country later in the year.

15What happens if the surveyor doesn’t turn up?

In the unlikely event of that happening, we will issue you with a full refund.

16How long will it take?

Once your job is posted, it can take anywhere from two to twenty-four hours
to gain quotes, depending on your location. The longer the timeframe you
give, the greater the number of quotes you will receive.

17What happens after the survey?

Once the survey is completed, the surveyor will prepare the survey. This can
take two to five working days depending on the report and urgency. This will
then be uploaded onto Sidedoor and will also be emailed to you.

18What happens if you are unhappy with your surveyor?

If you encounter any issue with your surveyor please first try and resolve the
problem with them. If you are unable to do so, please contact the us and we
will do everything we can to help. Finally, in the unlikely event that you are
unsatisfied with the result, please make your complaint directly with RICS
using the following link: https://www.rics.org/uk/footer/contact-us/complaints/

19How to review your surveyor?

After you received your completed survey, you will be sent an email
prompting you to approve it online. Here you will be given the option to leave
a review. This is important for Sidedoor and the surveyor as it will guide future
homebuyer in their decision to choose a surveyor.

20What if the surveyor asks me to sign their companies T&C’s?

After you have accepted a quote, the surveyor may ask you to sign their
companies T&C’s which is normal practice. This will be emailed to you directly.

1What are the benefits of Sidedoor?

Surveyors gain more control of their business growth and are less reliant on
their local network with the ability to expand and target new postcodes for
free, book jobs in real time, reviews that help gain more work, reducing admin
with automatic invoicing and marketing their business on Sidedoor for free.
2How do I get work?

  • After signing up, you will be notified of jobs in your chosen work radius
  • Bid for work you want using the job details to determine the price you quote
  • Once quote is accepted and paid taken by Sidedoor, communicate with homebuyer to arrange time & date
  • When survey is completed, send to client via Sidedoor
  • Homebuyer will receive survey and leave review
  • After three days, if no issues are raised, you will receive a pay-out excluding the 10% Sidedoor fee

3What services does Sidedoor cover?

Currently, we offer the 3 RICS property surveys with a valuation survey also
being added later in 2019. As we increase our coverage across the UK, we
will look to add the following surveying services onto the marketplace in 2020:
Property management, party wall agreement, QS, schedule of condition, floor
plan, snagging and finally Scottish home report.

4As a surveyor, what KYC documents do I need to upload?

Depending on your user type, you will be required to upload up to 4 KYC
documents. ( Business 4 KYC documents, Soletrader 2 KYC documents).
Please refer to the table below to see which specific documents you will need
to upload:

User type Category Required document
LEGAL BUSINESS IDENTITY PROOF Passport or driving license of the legal representative – Persons that have the authority to use the services on behalf of the legal business, or ideally the ID of a beneficial owner.
REGISTRATION PROOF Confirmation Statement – Available at Companies House or
Certificate of Incorporation – Available at Companies House 
ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION Certificate of Incorporation – Available at Companies House
ULTIMATE BENEFICIAL OWNER DECLARATION Companies house shareholder information
User type Category Required document
LEGAL SOLETRADER IDENTITY PROOF Passport or driving license of the legal representative
REGISTRATION PROOF Certificate of incorporation
Proof of registration to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

5What happens if your KYC is denied?

If your KYC documents are rejected, don’t worry. Please firstly ensure you
have uploaded the correct documents. All information on this can be found
above. If you need help, please contact us and we help you.

6Where do you source the homebuyers from?

As well as being an easy independent marketplace for the surveyor, we
use Google Ads to push traffic to Sidedoor when the homebuyer looks for
a RICS surveyor. We also continue to boost our SEO with the content on
all major social media platforms.

7Are the surveys or surveyors Sidedoor branded?

No, all surveys and surveyors use their own individual company branding.

8What happens with VAT?

All quotes for work exclude VAT. Sidedoors platform will add VAT if applicable,
to your quote, so that the homebuyer sees the full price (including VAT).
Sidedoors 10% fee will also be subject to VAT.

9How do homebuyers choose the surveyor?

Surveyor business profile, reviews, and price. These three key areas help the
homebuyer make a decision on who to select.

10How do surveyors stand out on the site?

All surveyors have a profile where they will be able to explain in detail, who
they are and what they do differently. The profile is the key area to showcase
your business, on its merits. Feel free to show yourself off in this section. Add
any awards or qualifications etc. This will help you gain work in the future as
the buyer will see this alongside the quote. All surveys and surveyors use
their own individual company branding.

11What is the process of quoting for work?

You will receive an email notifying you of a job in your chosen coverage area.
Simply click on the email and enter your login details. Then you can view the
details of the job.

12Will other surveyors be able to see quotes?

Other surveyors will NOT be able to see each other’s quotes.

13What job details am I given?

Survey type, address, number of bedrooms, approximate age, property type,
size of the property, valuation, timeframe from acceptance of the job, listed
status and any links or documents provided by the homebuyer as well as
areas of concern.

14How much does it cost for a surveyor to use the platform?

We don’t believe in paying for leads that don’t go anywhere and take up time
and resources from the business. We charge 10% plus vat only on the work
that you actually get. Sidedoor does not charge any monthly or annual
subscription fees. It’s free until we get you work each time.

15Can I contact the homebuyer over the phone or email?

Once the homebuyer has chosen you as their surveyor, their phone number
and email address will appear. However, any attempt to gain access to this
information before they have made up their mind will result in the immediate
suspension of your account.

16What if a homebuyer misrepresents the property?

In this instance, please firstly see if you can resolve the issue with the
homebuyer. If this proves unsuccessful, contact us immediately and we will
try and resolve the issue. In the homebuyer terms and conditions it is stated
that if they materially misrepresent the property, they could be subject to
additional costs.

17How do payments work?

When the homebuyer selects the chosen surveyor, they are requested to pay
in full, the agreed amount. These funds are held in Escrow with our secure
payment processing partner (Mangopay). When the surveyor uploads the
survey to the homebuyer and this is accepted, the funds are released from
Escrow. After that, the will be transferred to the surveyor in 3-5 working days.

18Where do I send the survey to?

Once you have completed the survey, you will need to upload the document
directly to Sidedoor and the homebuyer. This allows Sidedoor to confirm the
satisfactory completion of the survey.

19How does invoicing work?

Sidedoor automatically takes care of all invoicing for both parties.

20How do reviews work?

After the survey is completed, the homebuyer is contacted by Sidedoor to
leave a star rating and write a mini review about their surveyor. These details
will be seen by future homebuyers and aid in their decision to choose a

21When will I get paid?

Payment will be sent from Sidedoor 3-5 working days after the survey has
been sent and accepted by the homebuyer.

22What if I need the homebuyer to sign our companies T&C’s?

If it is part of your company policy and you require your own T&C’s
to be signed by the homebuyer, we suggest emailing this directly after
your quote has been accepted by the customer.