How to choose the right surveyor with Sidedoor

September 24, 2019

Sidedoor is an easy to use platform which allows you to choose between three to five local RICS regulated surveyors who will to carry out your house survey to the highest standard. It should take you no more than a minute to post a job, during which time, you will need to fill in some general information so your future surveyor can assess the necessary steps they will need to take during the survey and in turn, determine the most competitive price they are willing to work for.

Remember, be sure to give an accurate and clear description of the property, making sure not to exclude any vital information. Any material inaccuracies could cost you additional fees.

After you have received multiple quotes, you will be able to compare each surveyor based on rating, surveyor profile and price. This should help guide your choice:

Reviews will have been left by previous homebuyers who have used the platform. They will have rated the experience out of five-stars, offering a simple visual cue to compare the quality of the listed surveyors.

The surveyor profile will give you a bit more insight into the surveying company and may contain things like awards, experience, qualifications etc.

Finally, the price will be based on the property details you have added prior to receiving the quotes. Remember that this will fluctuate as some surveyors may have more experience, knowledge and accreditations which are all factored into the final quoted price.

The above should help you choose the surveyor that best suits your needs. Be sure to review your surveyor at the end of the job to help them get more work in the future!

Sidedoor makes finding a surveyor quick and simple. Giving you the the best local surveyor at the most competitive price.