How to choose the right surveyor with Sidedoor

September 24, 2019

Sidedoor’s aim is to help the homebuyer find the right surveyor at the best price as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Homebuyers fill out a quote form which once completed, will generate instant quotes for up to four local surveyors with the surveys they offer. The homebuyer then chooses the right surveyor for them by selecting or deselecting the ones they want or don’t want to communicate with. (Choice is primarily based on the information they are given about each surveyor i.e. the price they are quoting, their reviews and bio).

Unlike other “find a surveyor companies”, Sidedoor uses a “callback” feature, allowing the homebuyer to easily go into further detail about their specific needs and parameters of the property they are looking to buy. This is usually done over the phone so the surveyors can get the most accurate understanding of the property.

Sidedoor gives the homebuyer more information and greater instant choice, allowing for a more simple journey to finding a surveyor online.