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24th September 2019

Is a valuation a survey?

  A valuation is not a survey – this is a common misconception amongst first time buyers and even repeat homebuyers. A valuation at its core, […]
24th September 2019

How Sidedoor is helping homebuyers

  Sidedoor is made as much for the homebuyers as it is for the surveyors. The fundamental aim is to connect both parties while supplying the […]
24th September 2019

What to do with a negative home survey

  At this stage, you have probably received your survey but you might have discovered that there are a few more issues than you had previously […]
24th September 2019

Should I get a Survey?

  When buying a home, for most of us it will probably the biggest purchase in our lives, yet still only about 1 in 5 commission […]
21st March 2018

Why choose RICS?

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) members are the professionals of the property world. They are trained to give you clear, impartial and expert advice in […]