When to book a house survey

September 24, 2019

Buying a house can be an extremely stressful process and neither the buyer nor the seller wants any delays. A question that gets asked regularly is when should the buyer instruct a survey and how long does it take.

After your offer has been accepted on the property, there are many thing that need getting done. As well as arranging and finalising a possible mortgage and instructing and organising the conveyancing solicitor, you should book a property survey for the potential property.

A valuation survey, as mentioned before in other blogs, is not a survey and does not focus on the condition of the property. It is for the bank and is a financial calculation.

RICS (Royal institute of chartered surveyors) has three types of surveys depending on your requirements. You can find more about the differences between each in our “Types of RICS survey” blog, in the help & advice section on our website.

Regardless of the type of survey you choose, it is important your book your survey early. After the offer has been accepted, it’s recommended that you get your survey booked ASAP. This helps speed up the whole process and shows you’re a serious buyer.

You can find more about the timeframe in our blog titled, How long a survey takes.