What to ask your Surveyor

December 9, 2020


Some of the things you would usually ask your surveyor on a call can be done via Sidedoor saving both parties time.

Things like comparing and choosing the right surveyor, reviewing different ranges of prices for different types of surveys and reading up about the company, can all be done on Sidedoor as well.

What’s more, as homebuyers fill out the property details before they request callbacks and review surveyors who have quoted for their survey, chosen surveyor/s will already know about the property before they talk to the homebuyer, saving time on the phone or whichever mode of communication they choose to pursue. The call is to choose a date that works for both parties as well as finalising price, which survey and any other necessary or important details that need to be discussed.

Once the survey has been undertaken and the property has been assessed, depending on how the survey comes back, here are some good examples of things you may like to ask to get the most out of your surveyor:

  • What’s is the cost to make the house habitable
  • Is the property well insulated?
  • What will likely need tending to in years to come and potential costs?
  • Is there any reason you wouldn’t get a mortgage on this property?
  • Are there any local issues affecting this house, road or the local area?
  • Will specialist skills be required in any areas?
  • Which areas need the most repairs?
  • Is it worth the asking price? (If you have had a valuation)