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Get to know Sidedoor

Sidedoor was founded by Charles Thackray in 2017, who has worked in the property market for 15 years.

Both as a homeowner and a property developer he grew frustrated with the process of finding chartered surveyors at the right location and price, so he decided to do something about it. He came up with the idea of connecting homebuyers with local RICS surveyors who are reviewed by fellow customers, to ensure those who deliver a strong service and product, succeed.

Buying a property is an emotional and stressful process and the current time-consuming nature of finding a suitable surveyor, doesn’t help.

While you can search for a surveyor on the RICS website, it’s not an easy process. After putting in a postcode you’re left to scour a list of firms sorted alphabetically. There are no reviews, you’re given little information about the firms and you don’t know which are the closest. Sidedoor works differently by having RICS surveyors quote for your work to compete on price, before allowing you to choose what’s best for you.

By making things easier, Charles also hopes to increase the number of homebuyers that take out a survey. As it stands, the complex nature of finding a surveyor not only makes the process harder and more stressful than it needs to be, it puts off some homebuyers from undertaking one altogether. Currently, 75% of residential property transactions don’t involve a home survey and even though, on average a £5,750 is spent on unexpected
repair bills that could have been avoided with a survey (Research from ComRes, on behalf of RICS).

Sidedoor is a member of both the RICS Tech Affiliate Program and the UK Proptech Association.

Our Team

Charles has worked in property development and finance for much of his career. After working for Barclays in London he returned to his roots by investing in property in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – a stone’s throw from his hometown of Ripon. This is where he first encountered problems with finding the right surveyor, as he ended up calling one firm after another. When developing properties in London he had the same issue, only magnified because of the numbers. With this in mind, he grew determined to change things.

Charles Thackray

Founder & CEO

Maulik has worked with a number of startups in a product development capacity. From 2013 to 2015 he was founding CTO of Landbay, a mortgage lender and investment platform now backed by Zoopla.

Other names on his CV include property investment company Brickowner, luxury e-commerce portal AtMayfair, as well as big names like Microsoft, the BBC and the Wall Street Journal.

Maulik Sailor