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Why a survey?

The valuation is NOT a survey

Surveys are for your benefit, whereas valuations are for lenders to decide whether a property is safe to lend on – you shouldn’t see a valuation as a substitute.

Lower the purchase price

Use the survey to renegotiate the price of the property with the seller if you find problems.

No surprises

Avoid having to pay on average £5,750 in unexpected repair bills due to not getting a proper survey done

Get peace of mind

Learn the true condition of the property before buying. A survey will highlight current and potential problems.

Select RICS Survey Type

RICS Condition Report

Level 1

  • Basic summary of state of property
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy traffic light rating
  • For relatively new properties with no previous issues
  • Reassurance all ok

RICS Homebuyer Report

Level 2

  • More detailed than condition report
  • Highlights common issues and areas of concern
  • Advise on repairs, maintance and restoration works
  • For conventional houses in good condition with no clear defects
  • Independent valuation can be included

RICS Building Survey

Level 3

  • Most detailed and in-depth survey
  • Will uncover hidden structural defects
  • For older houses or properties with obvious defects
  • Recommended if you plan renovation
  • Detail on construction and condition

Client’s Testimonials

  • Charles has worked in property development and finance for much of his career.

    Charles Thackray, Founder & CEO

  • Sailor has worked with a number of startups in a product development capacity.

    Maulik Sailor, Chief Technology Officer

  • McCallion is a startup expert who left his role in financial services at the turn of the century to satisfy his fascination with technology.

    Mal McCallion, Advisor

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    Mike John

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